While teaching the Polish language and culture at a premiere language institute in
Monterey (1976-1996), the Kozickis took a long hard look at the effects of stress on their
colleagues and students, and made the decision to develop their natural talent in healing
They completed an intensive certification course of massage at The Monterey Institute of
Touch in Carmel and  began working for local chiropractors.  “While working in the
chiropractic office, I realized how many people need immediate help for their discomfort,
instead of waiting for an appointment that may take days.  When you wake up with neck
pain, a terrible headache or  just feel stiff and tired, you want relief the same day”,  Jolanta
Increasingly inspired by the results of their work, and the way that massage restores
wholeness and balance both physically and mentally, they realized those benefits should
be readily available to the public…
They  decided to create The Mind-Body Therapy Center in Monterey.  
On  July 4, 1994 Jolanta and Mirek fulfilled their dream of providing a place where everyone
can receive the profound benefits of various holistic therapies on a “rapid response” basis,
at affordable fees, and at the hands of highly trained professionals devoted to the well-
being of their clients. They  have created an oasis of rejuvenation for the mind and body
based on the millennial-old science of alternative therapies.
“We want everybody to have a place to go”, they said.
The Kozickis quickly built a loyal and diverse clientele that included teachers, computer
programmers, chiropractors, massage therapists, doctors, nurses, taxi drivers, lawyers,
plumbers and others.

In meantime Jolanta became an Infant Massage Instructor after completing training
Castle Medical Center in Kailua, Hawaii.  Both Kozickis have traveled several times
China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing to be certified in Chinese
Tuina, Cupping and Medical Qigong.  After two trips to
Wat Po Medical School in Bangkok
they became certified in Traditional Thai Massage as well as Thai Foot Massage and
Reflexology.  Trips to  Austria and Poland helped them incorporate  European massage
techniques into their treatments.  They became Medical Massage Therapists after
participating in the
Seminars On The Sea during a cruise to  the Caribbean.

We love to travel to learn more and more, so our clients and patients can experience
new bodywork techniques from all around the world"  
the Kozickis say.
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