Mind-Body Therapy Center
Walk in ... flow out!
Now close to celebrating 25 years of service,
Boasting the convenience of “same-day service”
that began as the brainchild of the Center Directors,
Jolanta and Mirek Kozicki back in 1993, they are now
leading the Central Coast in the emerging field of  mind-body wellness.  
Offered with Old World courtesy, professionalism and attention to every detail that is
refreshingly natural, the Kozickis have held true to their vision of quality with the new
development.  “I wanted the best professionals that could be found to offer my clients!”
exclaims Jolanta Kozicki, in assembling massage therapists, (including the Monterey
Weekly’s Annual Award for best massage therapist),
In an atmosphere that is serene, light, and airy, the Center is open by appointment only.
The central location and easy access from Highway 1 make it the outstanding choice for
instant relief of tension, stress, mental, emotional and physical fatigue.  
At the Mind-Body Therapy Center, you can “walk in, and… flow out!”